Global Medical Products has been working with IBIOM since 2003 to bring a height adjustable, fully powered recliner to Dialysis clinics in Canada. Since our first appearance at CANNT in 2003, dialysis nurses and techs have been asking for a chair that is height adjustable (back saving) and allows the patient to easily adjust their recline position. The TRIAD – Powered Patient Recliner with Hi-Lo capability is this chair.
The TRIAD – Powered Patient Recliner, makes it easy for patients to adjust their position for comfort…. so you don’t have to. The hand
held pendant allows you to raise or lower the chair, effortlessly positioning the patient where you need them to start or take them off
treatment. During treatment, patients may use the pendant to adjust the back, leg or foot sections as desired. Thickly padded, medium density foam cushions, adjustable extra wide arm rests and an adjustable foot rest allow the TRIAD to adapt to virtually any patient.
TRIAD gives you the best of both worlds… patient comfort in a nurse friendly design.

Principle Product Lines:

TRIAD – Powered Patient Recliner for Dialysis and Oncology
HEMA+ MultiFunction Chair, ideal for phlebotomy and suitable for Emerge, OR Recovery
ERGO-XR, Medical Imaging Chair